Photo report of Spiritual Lecture-tour to Europe

22nd November to 3rd December, 2015

Swami Sarvalokananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Mumbai was on a spiritual lecture tour to Switzerland and Germany.
Parlor Talk at Zurich Swami Sarvalokananda addressing Vedanta Group at Zurich, on ‘Who am I’.

ved_shrine_socAt the Vedanta Center Geneva – in the Shrine and the calm environs.

swami baneshnandaWith Swami Amarananda – Vedanta Center, Geneva.

iskon-christmasVisits to the ISKCON Temple in Zurich, and participating in early Christmas festivity in Geneva.

hotel metropolSwami Vivekananda had visited Saas-Fee in the Alps in 1896, and stayed at the Grand Hotel there (now called Hotel Metropol). The hotel has a plaque outside that mentions his visit. Swami Sarvalokananada visited that Hotel, and also the a bronze bust of Swami in front of the Saas Fee Museum.

The inscription under the bust says “Swami Vivekananda lived in Saas-Fee 1896. He was mystic and reformer, and brought the highest ideas of East and West together.”

devoteesWith Swamis and Devotees in Vedanta Center, Germany; and Swami of ISKCON Temple Zurich.

talk at schoolWith students in a school in Zurich

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