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The Message of Holy Mother

Swami Sarvalokananda’s address at Limbdi Temple opening ceremony – November 2014. 

There are many specialties of Holy Mother’s message – but because of the paucity of time, we will not be able to discuss all of them.  I will focus on two aspects: one, Mother’s love, and two, Mother’s forbearance.

Holy Mother’s love

Holy Mother’s love was no ordinary love. Her love and affection is beyond all love. It is rare, uncommon and remarkable love. Her love is boundless and infinite. One devotee asked Mother once – what kind of a mother are you? She answered – “I am the Mother of virtuous as well as wicked!” Another time she said: “Amjad is as truly my son as my Sarat (Saradananda) himself is.” This is an amazing statement. There seems to be a vast difference between Swami Saradananda and Amjad. Swami Saradananda was the General Secretary of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, a brahmajnani, and the writer of ‘Leela Prasanga’ – the life story of Sri Ramakrishna. Amjad on the other hand was a Muslim dacoit who everyone would fear. And Mother said my son Sarat and Amjad are the same to me! The Mother’s infinite love transcended all limitations of caste or colour, merit or demerit, in fact, of all conditions of life.

Rich-poor, educated-uneducated, intelligent-dumb, people from all places, high-low and countries – none have been denied of Holy Mother’s love! So marvelous is her love! That all-comprehending affection embraced all people. Mother’s love is Divine love.

Sri Ramakrishna once told Mother – many women come to you. Some of these women are of questionable character. It may be good if you tell them not to visit you. Mother replies emphatically – “How can I do that! I cannot deny a person who calls me Mother. They are all my children.”

Swami Vivekananda would say that knowledge goes to a distance, and then stops. It cannot go too far. However love is something that has a unique piercing power which can reach the inner chambers of the heart, and win everybody. Love can conquer everything. We find such a love in Mother’s life. This is the love that has brought joy to everyone. Not just that, Mother’s love does not have any transaction.It is not limited. It is unlimited and all encompassing. That is Holy Mother’s love.

You will not find any such occurrence in Mother’s life where she has denied any person! Mother has accepted everyone who came to her, and has acted with equanimity with everyone who came to her.

We have to assimilate this love into our lives. We have wealth, name, fame – everything. But in today’s life, we do not have love. We are numb to love and because of that, instability and disturbance has crept into ourfamily life, social life, national life and international life. Therefore, in the context of today’s living, we need to assimilate Mother’s divine, unselfish love into our own lives.

Holy Mother’s forbearance

The second specialty of Mother’s message is the capacity to forebear. We find that She would forebear everything. See Her life in Jayarambati. There was so much of disturbance and mess there. Her brothers were selfish and would fight with each other. Then there was poverty in Her family. Despite this, She was steady even in any unfavorable situation. She was unswerving – always steady and joyful. In Her own words “(s)he who forebears survives. (S)he who doesn’t forebear is destroyed”.

Today, we get upset with small things in our lives and start crying! In society, one sect fights with another, one country fights with another – is unable to tolerate the other. We see this in families also – people fight with each other because they are not able to tolerate each other. Because of our inability to tolerate and forebear, disturbance and lack of peace has crept into our family life, social life, national and international life. For this reason Mother said “forebear, forebear”. You must have the capacity to forebear like the Earth.

You may ask – should we forebear any injustice? We find in Mother’s life that she did not tolerate injustice. She did protest against injustice.

You all know about this incident – Usually Mother would serve meals to Sri Ramakrishna at his room everyday. One day, a lady went with the food to His room. Sri Ramakrishna got displeased and told Mother – ‘Please do not send food to me through just anybody. I cannot eat food given by anybody and everybody’. Mother said – ‘If anyone calls me Mother and asks for something, I will not be able to refuse!’ She refused to act against the ‘dharma’ of a Mother. For Her, everyone was her child.

So these are the two characteristics in Mother’s life – love, and forbearance. If we mould our lives with these – especially in the context of today’s living. Now-a-days we discuss about women’s empowerment. We are trying to empower the woman externally – enable them to get a job, give respect, get them the due respect in every arena in society. But all this is only external empowerment. Women do not need only external empowerment, but also internal empowerment. This is also very important.  Women will have to empower themselves with Mother’s two messages – Love and Forbearance. Only then will they become whole and move forward.

I pray to Sri Ramakrishna, Mother Sarada and Swami Vivekananda that love and forbearance be nurtured in our hearts. Today, as you go home, please take with you these two messages of Holy Mother, and assimilate them into your life – so that family life, social life, national and Global life become beautiful and harmonious.